I'm a fine artist printmaker. I've been making prints since my mid teens, fortunately the youngest person to be accepted into the National Art School (back then it was called East Sydney Technical College - Dept of Fine Arts) since the mid 1950's or so I was told. 

My work is held by the National Gallery of Australia (just before I turned 21) and many other libraries and Galleries (I'm not in Mona yet or in the NGV but that will come) I was reasonably well known in Punk Art circles in the USA and Germany in the early 1990's and known to produce ugly stories for beautiful people. Artists books can be like that.  

It was Che Guevera who said "At the risk of seeming ridiculous, let me say that the true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love". Despite the fact that he was a stinky sadistic nutjob who liked abusing the hired help and shooting people; it is fair to say that artists do indeed come from a position of great optimistic faith that we can build a better world and that art is more powerful and more fun that guns and bombs.  

It is not fashionable in Australia to be a polemic artist and there is nothing wrong with pretty pictures (they bring joy into peoples lives after all), but a society that cannot support a diversity of critique is a bit of a worry. 

I hope that you find my work interesting, engaging and aesthetic...